The trails we ride vary from easy tracks we use for the first time off roader, to rocky climbs and descent, to the river crossings for the more adventurous of you. So whether you’re just starting out in off road motorcycling, looking to improve your offroad skills or you are an experienced rider, we have trails for you!
Trail tours will be tailored to your experience, skill and what you want to get out of it, but can include river crossings, single tracks, technical trails (for the more experienced), hill climbs (some small – some challenging) and mountain trails, with breathtaking, views.
We are off-road enthusiasts; our only aim is to ensure you have a thoroughly enjoyable off-road experience with us and want to come back! Therefore, we will be on hand at all times to offer you pointers and advice, both to novice off roaders and experienced enduro riders, about body position, riding while standing, braking and cornering techniques, climbs and descents, etc. We run daily loops into the surrounding countryside; these tours are suitable for all levels of rider. As the topography varies considerably around us we can easily use your preferred choice of terrain.
A typical trail tour day starts around 9.30am and we ride until lunchtime. Lunch will usually in a traditional Catalan restaurant, well off the usual “tourist” beaten track, accompanied by soft drinks. We will ride again in the afternoon, and we expect to be back sometime around about 5 – 6 pm.
For those of you who want to take in the scenery, that’s just fine by us, you will have enough time to admire the  views and of course, take pictures, just to make the guys back home wish they had come along too!

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…is the architect, founder, and director of Enduro Barcelona, ​​but also the chief instructor-guide. The Great Kahuna, the Man Who Whispered to Motorcycles.
A life on off-road bikes gives him the experience and knowledge to be able to transmit, both to those who are starting out and to those who are already experienced, a large number of resources to improve riding, how to face obstacles, add little tricks to our technique… And in addition to providing highly useful mechanical advice, their support always manages to bring out the best in each pilot!
His dedication to sports, adventure and dealing with the public make him a great communicator who, with brief explanations, clarifies concepts that are essential for learning and improving driving. He will ensure that the excursion is an unforgettable experience and that the desire to repeat brings you back to Enduro Barcelona.

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